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Package Tour to Lamalera - Hunting Whale, 6 Days 5 Nights


Lamalera is a village which is perched on the rocky slopes of an active volcano on the southern coast of the island of Lembata, in Nusa Tenggara Timur in eastern Indonesia. An anonymous Portuguese document of 1624 describes the islanders as hunting whales with harpoons for their oil, and implies that they collected and sold ambergris. This report confirms that whaling took place in the waters of the Suva Sea at least two centuries before the appearance of American and English whaling ships at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The Christian Mission has been in place in the community for a hundred years, schools have been established and a training workshop teaches carpentry. It is a fishing village in a region where most communities support themselves by agriculture. Lamalera has very little productive land, so the villagers have to fish in order to survive. Their preferred quarry is sperm whale. Catching sperm whale with hand-thrown harpoons from small open boats powered by muscle and palm-leaf sail is no easy task, and the hunt is by no means uneven between man and whale. The tail flukes of a whale can smash the timbers of the boats and many boats are temporarily disabled by their prey. Harpooners have been disabled and killed. But the attraction of the whale is its size. The flesh of the whale (and shark and manta ray) is cut into strips and sun dried in the village. The meat is then carried to small markets where it is bartered with mountain villagers. One strip of dried fish or meat is equivalent to twelve ears of maize, twelve bananas, twelve pieces of dried sweet potatoes, twelve sections of sugar cane, or twelve *sirih* peppers plus twelve pinang nuts.

Commercial whaling is banned throughout much of the world, but subsistence whaling is ermitted by International Whaling Commission regulations in Alaska, the USA, the USSR and Greenland. Indonesia is not, however, a signatory to the IWC. Seven whales were caught in Lamalera in 1987.


This Tours will bring this tour cover Whale hunting in Lembata Island, Kelimutu three colored Lake and Bena traditional village in Flores Island, Snorkeling in Riung seventeen Islands and Komodo Dragons in Rinca and Komodo Island.


Program Tour Hunting Whale at Lamalera Village

DAY 01; Lombok/Bali – Maumere – Larantuka
Upon arrival at Maumere airport direct meeting service with our specialist whale hunting guide then drive to town for getting lunch. After lunch you will drive to Larantuka town the capital of east Flores regency. On the way you will stops at Hokeng to see coffee plantation and the major Catholic seminary, Lewotobi twin active volcano, rice field, Konga bay and according to local happenings. Arrive in Larantuka town direct check in at your preference hotel for your accommodation and dinner. Evening visit around Larantuka town with back ground mountain, sea and Solor group Island.

DAY 02 : Larantuka – Lewoleba – Lamalera Village
Breakfast at your hotel then take pubic passenger boat or private boat to Lewoleba town about 4 hours. Arrive at Lewoleba town direct catch boat public boat or private boat to Lamalera village where local Whale hunters are living. Lamalera is small fisherman village in the south part of Lembata Island the center of Whale hunting ceremony is doing. Arrive at Lamalera village will welcomed by local people then take accommodation with local houses. Evening you can spend your time walk around fisherman village and to the beach. Dinner will be served by local fisherman.

To day you will go with local hunter with traditional boat to the sea for hunting. The group will arrange the trip and organize during on the sea. Lunch will be served on the boat. Afternoon time go back to Lamalera village to stay and dinner. If you are lucky you will make ceremony after get whale.

After get breakfast with local people then take half day to the sea for Whale hunting to know how lucky you are. Afternoon time you will take boat for boating to Lewoleba town for your accommodation at hotel Rejeki Lewoleba. Dinner will be served at hotel or local restaurant.

Get breakfast at hotel then you will take boat to Larantuka town east Flores Island. Arrive in Larantuka town drive to Maumere for your accommodation and dinner. Stops will be made according local happenings on the way.

DAY 06 : MAUMERE AIRPORT – Next Destination
After get breakfast at hotel free program until time to transfer you to airport for your flight to Bali or next destination.


Hunting Whale, Flores

Hunting Whale, Flores


Hunting Whale, Flores

Hunting Whale, Flores



  Traditional Whale Hunting Attraction is an attraction in which people in Lamalera hunt the whale by using traditional tools such as: Pledang (Traditional Boat Without Machine) and Tempuling (a sharpen iron which is used to catch the whale). This Tradition Is ed Leva Nuang by the local people. It is conducted from the 1St of May until 31 October Every Year. They start to prepare the ritual or the ceremony in April 29 by conducting a ritual which is ed Tobu Neme Vate (a ritual among some fishermen which is conducted in the whale stone). On the 1st of May Local People Conduct a Prayer before they start to hunt the whale.  



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Hunting Whale Package Tour at Lamalera

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